The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Fora / State Commission / National Commission may, as the case may be. order for following remedies against the consumer complaint made to it:

  • to remove the defect pointed out by the appropriate laboratory from the goods in question;

  • to replace the goods with new goods of similar description which shall be free from any defect;

  • to return to the complainant the price, or, as the case may be, the charges paid by the complainant;

  • to pay such amount as may be awarded by it as compensation to the consumer for any loss or injury suffered by the consumer due to the negligence of the opposite party.

  • to remove the defects in goods or deficiencies in the services in question;

  • to discontinue the unfair trade practice or the restrictive trade practice or not to repeat it; not to offer the hazardous goods for sale;

  • to withdraw the hazardous goods from being offered for sale;

  • to cease manufacture of hazardous goods and to desist from offering services which are hazardous in nature;

  • to pay such sum as may be determined by it if it is of the opinion that loss or injury has been suffered by a large number of consumers who are not identifiable conveniently:

  • to issue corrective advertisement to neutralize the effect of misleading advertisement at the cost of the opposite party responsible for issuing such misleading advertisement;

  • to provide for adequate costs to parties.